McKavanagh Engineering Services Pty Ltd was formed in 1998 by Byron McKavanagh.

Byron's work in this area, and in establishing the IRS User's Group, led to service on a Technical Sub-Committee of RAC into Licensing, and in 1997 as a member of the Radiological Advisory Council of Queensland, advising the Minister for Health, representing Industry in Queensland. Byron built a trusted relationship with clients and soon became the "go-to" Industrial Radiation consultant in Queensland.

In 2014, Byron sold the business to the new owner Kathy Lawrenson who specialised in Industrial Radiation Services for the mining sector. Byron passed on his considerable knowledge to Kathy and remains as a consultant within the business.

Our range of services has expanded in line with the needs of our clients. We now operate out of premises located in Fernvale Qld where we have a fully equipped workshop and training facilities. With a newly opened Mackay branch we can promptly service the needs of the local mining industry.

From the early days of Byron being a sole operator, we now have a dedicated team to provide the high levels of service that is expected from our clients.